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Research yields interesting information for all institutions working with MDFT. Youth Interventions Foundation is being approached by these institutions on a regular basis about this subject, for exemple:

  • Can/Will YIF cooperate with our reseach concerning MDFT?
  • Can/Will YIF help financing research?
  • What research is published and what outcomes can we use?
  • Are there any other institutions who would like to do research on the same subject and is cooperation possible?
  • etc.

As licensee of MDFT in Europe, YIF sees it as her duty to ensure that all interested parties are able to find answers quickly and easily to any questions they may have concerning MDFT-related research. With a comprehensive and up-to-date overview and any research needs plus research that is currently underway or that has been completed, the research committee can provide parties with information and bring them in contact with one another when appropriate.

Research regarding MDFT

New research

Are you conducting research regarding MDFT or are you considering this? Please, inform us by filling in the contact form. This way we can stay informed and when possible share this information with interested parties.

Ongoing research

Currently there are several studies regarding MDFT. One of those is the Dutch study to research on active ingredients of interventions for young people. Youth Interventions Foundation is cooperating with this study. More information can be found on the website of ZonMw.


The following research has recently  been published:

For an overview of all publications, please check the following links:

Advice and support

Performing research is not one of the objectives of Youth Interventions Foundation. We prefer to leave this to organisations who have research as their mission, or that consider this to be one of their objectives, or that simply wish to perform this research. To be able to provide institutions with effective support and to provide advice, we work with a number of external researchers; for a fee, they provide institutions with advice, plus provide support when research is undertaken. If you would like to get in touch with one of these researchers, please contact Carien Gelderblom (, who will discuss which researcher is best placed to assist you with your specific question or area of research.

More information?

Do you have any questions about what the research committee can do for you and your organization? Or is your institution currently setting up research with regard to MDFT? We would appreciate it if you keep us informed. You can contact Carien Gelderblom (Chairperson Youth Interventions Research Committe) by filling in the contact form or by telephone (+31) (0)71 20 40 766.






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