Meet our MDFT Ambassador in Finland

Hi all,

I’m Jenna, I’m so excited to be MDFT-therapy ambassador in Finland. I have been doing MDFT-therapy since 2018. My full-time job is in child welfare in Vantaa and Kerava welfare area as a MDFT-keytherapist at the moment, and this ambassador job is something I will do now as well. Since I start 2018 there have been lots of people who have wanted to know more about MDFT-therapy as they have seen the result what MDFT-therapist have do with families. Im sure this ambassador position will help connect people closer to MDFT-therapy and also add MDFT-therapy knowledge in Finland.

As we are located around Finalnd, we have worked with therapists to make us become  closer to eachother and we all know that working together gets us inspired and boosted of course. Together we have opened Finland MDFT-therapy society and also we are in social media. We believe in MDFT-therapy and that it will help families and adolescents, we want people to know that there is options and lots of hope even situation can be hard sometimes.

So super super thankful to SJI to create something what is needed as we are growing fast here in Finland, please don’t hesitate to contact me in future!

Jenna Sundholm

MDFT Ambassador

Phone: +358503056560


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