Youth care


The training offered by the Youth Interventions Foundation are rated as very satisfactory by the participants, with an average score of 8. A number of therapists, trainers and former MDFT clients say the following about our services:

The basic premise of MDFT is that the people around the adolescent have an impact on his or her (problem) behaviour and therefore on the solution. It is practical, in-depth and flexible and this is what makes MDFT a fantastic method. – Sylvia Cool (MDFT trainer)

MDFT offered me an extended hand which I was desperate for. – Mother of a former client

The trainer obviously has a lot of experience and vision. She appears very knowledgeable, but also very open and with humor. I would like to attend more training from YIF. – participant training ‘teaching group dynamics’  (teacher)

MDFT in Finland – Kasvun Tuki project

Sylivia Cool

MDFT trainer

Uitgangspunt  van MDFT is dat de omgeving invloed heeft op het (probleem)gedrag van de jongere en daarmee op de oplossing. Het is praktisch, verdiepend en flexibel. Dat is precies wat MDFT een fantastische methode maakt (en).

Specialized in system-based thinking and working!