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What we believe in

Youth Interventions Foundation (YIF) believes it is important that young people are given the help to lead a life in which problem behaviour improves or is even eliminated altogether. This enables young people to function better at school, at work and in their leisure time. YIF wishes to achieve this by educating, training, advising and supporting professionals who work with young people in (implementing) systematic thinking and working. These may be professionals from the youth care sector, but also from education or local councils or district teams.

Family-based approach

The basic premise of the family-based approach is that the people around the adolescent have an impact on his or her (problem) behaviour. Those around the adolescent therefore also play an important role when looking for and working towards resolving (problem) behaviour. Especially the parents. By encouraging the cooperation between the adolescent and those around him and potentially improving this, problem behaviour can improve or even be eliminated altogether. This gives the adolescent improved future prospects. To help the adolescent and his/her parents with this, it is important that professionals have the right knowledge and skills. As well as training in MDFT and family-based working and thinking in general, Youth Interventions Foundation also offers advice and support to organisations that work with young people, young people with problems and their families.

Youth care, education and local councils

Youth care institution, district team or educational establishment. Whichever organisation you work in, you will not be able to implement a family-based approach overnight. Processes will have to be adjusted and support built between all employees. From the board to the receptionist and from the teacher to the school social worker. This requires time and attention.

Tailored advice and support

Youth Interventions Foundation has already advised various organisations and provided them with support with the implementation and roll-out of a family-based approach. Through the knowledge and experience that we have gained in recent years, we can advise organisations and provide support in various areas. Consider, for example:

More information?

Does your organisation need additional support or advice? We would be more than happy to assist you. Complete the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, please feel free to ring us if you prefer, on telephone number +31 (0)71 20 40 766.

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