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Satisfied about Youth Interventions Foundation?

Are you satisfied with our training courses and services and would you like to leave a compliment? Or would you like to share with us your positive experience with MDFT or one of our training courses? We would highly appreciate that. You can leave a compliment or comments here .


We work continually on improving our services and the training we have on offer. To us, it is important that our proposal is perfectly in line with the preferences and needs of the professionals who work with young people. Whether this is within the youth care sector, the educational sector or within local councils/district teams. Do you have any ideas or tips for us? We would love to hear these; please complete the contact form.


Equally, if you have a complaint, please inform us of this. We can only rectify a problem if you tell us what it is. Complaints will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence. When you have a complaint, mediation and appeal are options available to you. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within four business days of your complaint being received. You will receive a response within 4 weeks.  If we are unable to respond within 4 weeks, you will receive written communication about this within these 4 weeks. At that time, we will inform you of the period of time within which the complaint can be dealt with.


The goal of Youth Interventions Foundation is to ensure that participants successfully participate in and complete training courses. If there is a difference in opinion about a training course, the trainer or the Youth Interventions Foundation will initially try to resolve this through appropriate consultation with the participant, however, the desired outcome is not always reached. In consultation with the participant, Youth Interventions Foundation will then submit the matter to an independent mediator (Mr R. Hermanides) who will issue advice. Your complaints can also be submitted directly to the mediator. Only complaints relating to the training courses will be dealt with.

The mediator reports to the board of the Foundation. The complainant will receive a copy of this response. A ruling will be given regarding the complaint within 6 weeks of receipt of the complaint.  This ruling is legally binding for the Youth Interventions Foundation and for the complainant. Any consequences will be dealt with within a reasonable period of time by Youth Interventions Foundation. Complaints will be saved for a three-year period.


If you do not agree with the mediator’s decision? Within 30 days, an organisation may submit a written appeal to Youth Interventions Foundation against the ombudsman’s ruling. Youth Interventions Foundation will then set up an independent committee, comprising one person nominated by Party 1 and one by Party 2, and a chairperson recommended by the aforementioned two members. This committee listens to both sides and within 6 weeks will issue a binding ruling. This is laid down as standard in the contract that the Foundation enters into with the organisation with which the training courses are agreed and is defined in the General Terms and Conditions for training courses of the Youth Interventions Foundation.

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