Youth care

About us

Improved future prospects for young people with problem behaviour. That is what we work towards!

Sometimes young people get into such a fix that this is detrimental to them. This is expressed in various ways, such as:

  • Excessive use of, for example, cannabis, other drugs or alcohol
  • Frequent school absenteeism
  • Leaving school prematurely
  • Problem behaviour

This problem behaviour often worsens the adolescent’s future prospects, with damaging results, particularly for the adolescent himself. Youth Interventions Foundation (YIF) considers it important for these adolescents to receive effective help and support, so they can change their behaviour and regain control over their own future.

The key premise: the adolescent and those around him

At home, at school, at work or at the sports club. The behaviour of young people is affected by various factors in all of these aspects of life. To achieve behavioural change, it is important to know exactly which factors have an impact and to understand the relationship between these various factors. After all, the various aspects of life are interconnected. A solution which is chosen for one area will not necessarily be feasible in another area. In the long term, it will then be difficult for the adolescent to persevere with this. It is therefore important to involve those around the adolescent (‘the system’) in changing the adolescent’s behaviour.

This system-based approach is therefore the basic premise of everything done by Youth Interventions Foundation. We feeel that this is the only way of changing behaviour in the long term.  The adolescent can once again engage positively with society, can function better at school, at work and in his leisure time. This improves the future prospects.

From youth care to education and district team

Good support is therefore important and this is where we see our role. We support and advise professionals who work with young people with problem behaviour and this is through developing and providing training and education for the following:

  • Youth care workers
  • District team staff
  • Schools
  • Detention centres
  • Secure Juvenile Correctional Institutions

We also advise and support organisations with a system-based approach. From advice about current case histories, to implementing systems. In our work, we cooperate with other organisations and healthcare institutions in order to monitor and guarantee the quality of our interventions.

Now and in the future

In many countries a lot of changes are taking place within the youth care and educational sectors. Especially now, it is important to look ahead. What is the best way of organising the care? Which tools are available in order to provide good and effective care, now and in the future? Youth Interventions Foundation would be happy to help you to contemplate this. With innovative solutions, we work continually on effective operational management within our own organisation.

Along with other parties, we also continually look for ways in which we can help organisations to innovate. This is a perfect way of being able to continue to guarantee the support of adolescents with problem behaviour and therefore a good future for these young people.

Our proposal

With systematic thinking and working as the fundamental premise, our proposal is as follows:

  • Training courses in approved interventions, such as MDFT
  • Support and advice during implementation of approved interventions by organisations
  • Training, advice and support to prevent or to treat young people with a variety of behavioural problems, including mild intellectual disability
  • Training, advice and support with family-based working for residential institutions and Secure Juvenile Correctional Institutions
  • Training, advice and support with systematic thinking and working for schools, local councils and/or other referring bodies in the youth care sector

When developing our proposal we will, of course, consider where potential collaborations with external parties are possible, such as the academic workplace and various youth care institutions. If you like to learn more, please take a look at this website. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to your organisation.

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