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Education, advice and support in a systematic approach of adolescents

Sometimes an adolescent gets into such a fix that it is detrimental to both himself and his or her own future. This may be caused by several situations or events: family functioning, substance abuse or just the ‘wrong’ friends. Youth Interventions Foundation (YIF) feels it is important to prevent problem behaviour among young people and help adolescents who exibit problem behaviour to start participating in society again, function better ad home, school at work and in their free time.

We offer our help through education, advice and support for the professionals working with adolescents who have such problems. For example professionals in youth care and education. Do you want to learn more? Please check this website!


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Specialized in system-based thinking and working!

MDFT in Finland – Kasvun Tuki project

Sylivia Cool

MDFT trainer

Uitgangspunt  van MDFT is dat de omgeving invloed heeft op het (probleem)gedrag van de jongere en daarmee op de oplossing. Het is praktisch, verdiepend en flexibel. Dat is precies wat MDFT een fantastische methode maakt (en).

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